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California Cut Flowers Commission


This commission serves as a lobbying agency for California's flower growers. We were privileged to work with an agency who so passionately wants to carry out their mission and developed the online tools for them to add even more value to their membership.

Although we have done a LOT of works for the Commission including :

  • Annual Reports
  • Program Materials (Farms App, Congress Presentations)
  • Political and Government Supplements (logos, brochures, & sub-sites)
  • Marketing Materials
  • Multiple newsletter designs
  • Truckwrap
  • A lot of work for their membership

We believe our biggest accomplishment was developing a website that enabled farmers to provide resources to the public through showing what flowers they grow during which seasons. The site is membership-driven and has a nicely integrated FRAME (stands for something not very interesting to you) system that enables flower growers to participate in studies for distribution of their flowers. The site also has integrated blog feature that lets farmers write on different topics (although most don't feel like writing). We have also integrated intelligent search feature that lets retailers find flower growers closest to them.

We continue working with the commission to develop ever stronger tools to help further their engagement with the flower growers and create stronger relationship with government agencies.

We have also developer a completely separate newsletter sites that lets the commission put together awesome newsletters for their different membership categories. The system then spits out Constant Contact friendly code and archives all previous newsletters to be viewed online. Cool, huh?

We Deployed

  • Super awesome design
  • A LOT of programming
  • Membership logins & profiles along with inventory selection
  • Blog, FRAME & other integrations
  • Tons of design of materials & collateral
  • Separate newsletter website for communications
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